A Graduation Like No Other!

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A Graduation Like No Other!

On September 3rd, some 31 church leaders from all over Cuba enjoyed the celebration of the second Graduation of our two-year course – Mission for Restoration.

This graduation was unique.

What made this graduation like no other, was that this time the courses were not taught primarily by CMA staff, as outsiders, but by two of our previous graduates, two Cuban pastors who sensed God’s leading to pass on this training to other needy church leaders in their country.

Another amazing moment at the graduation was when they started the graduation with a one-hour discussion on their strategy to replicate this training once again and strengthen the church leaders.

Using CMA’s Mission for Restoration course, these passionate leaders are targeting five different regional areas where our current graduates live and serve. This is exciting people! It’s time for you to join us and to get involved.


Ministering to Broken and Unchurched Families in Cuba

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Ministering to Broken and Unchurched Families in Cuba

Never for the faint hearted, although to be honest there were some moments where our “old hearts” did look like they would faint, the heat factor was incredible.  What a joy to be involved in 2 youth camps over a period of 10 days, pouring into the lives of 230 youth.  We find it hard to put into words all of the joy, power, love, hope, forgiveness and praise of the Lord that took place in those days.  Perhaps the following photos will do it justice.

If I did attempt to use some words they would be … soul searching, intimate, dynamic, brokenness, community, uplifting worship, tangible hope, and eternal fruitfulness.  Many of these teens come from broken and unchurched families and just sobbed as they shared that never had they experienced 4 days of such unconditional love and joy in their lives – their tears were of thinking about what would await them when they returned home.

While it was an incredible privilege to be involved in the teaching and games at these camps, I think our greatest joy was in building relationships with 60+ of the future leaders of Cuba (ages 15-30) being equipped to lead, mentor, and facilitate small groups.  The theme this year was “Unveiling your heart before God” and these future leaders did this beautifully as God worked and spoke among them.

Arthur Turnquest…passing it on to others

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Arthur Turnquest…passing it on to others

I first met Arthur in Eleuthera in 2002 when we were recruiting potential students for the first Bible training class. Simply put, Arthur is such a delightful guy to be around. One immediately recognizes the joy that overflows from his walk with Jesus. Arthur exhibited a hunger to be trained and was one of 10 pastors and leaders that graduated from the inaugural training class at EBTC in 2004. But it didn’t end there. Arthur is a lay preacher and deacon at St. Patrick’s Anglican Church in Governor’s Harbour. For the past 15 years, he has been investing in young boys in his church through weekly Bible study and discipleship. Arthur Turnquest is a living example of why we do what we do…train and equip church leaders to reach their people with the gospel of Christ.

Your Missionary Journey

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Your Missionary Journey

Each year, 12-15 short-term mission teams travel to Eleuthera to serve at the Eleuthera Bible Training Center for an exciting week of ministry and fun. The question is, why do they come? What role do teams play…and more importantly, what does God do in us as He works through us when we go? Check out this video (below) about mission teams serving in Eleuthera.


Bringing Blessing

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Bringing Blessing

Every year, the Eleuthera Bible Training Center welcomes a dozen or more mission teams to the island. Most of the teams stay with us for a week. But one of the teams actually stays with us for an entire month – the month of February. Introducing the Link Year team from Branson, Missouri.

Link Year is a nine-month post-high school program designed to build a solid foundation within each student – think biblical worldview and spiritual formation.  Link Year is a direct extension of Kanakuk Kamps’ mission statement: Developing dynamic Christian leaders through life changing experiences, Godly relationships and spiritual training.

The founder and President of Link Year, Adam Donyes, has been involved with investing into the lives of the next generation for the past decade. Adam is truly their leader in every sense of the word.  When the team arrived in Eleuthera, Adam stated “we are here to be a blessing and not a burden.” While serving with the Link Year team this past February, he was the first one to take on a job and the last one to stop.  He SHOWS his team how to get it done instead of telling them how to do it.  He is a spiritual mentor and guide and is passionate about making disciples of the young men and women in the program.

Our partnership with the Link Year team took on new meaning this year. Within this year’s Link Year team was a basketball team – the Link Year Lions. Basketball is a pretty big deal on Eleuthera. During February, the island has a night basketball tournament and the games are played in Hatchet Bay, just a few minutes north of the EBTC. One of the ministries of the Link Year team was to hold 3-day basketball clinics at the high schools on the island, sharing their faith on the last day. They also played games against some of the island teams.

Because the outdoor courts on the island are not in the greatest shape, it was suggested that we upgrade our own basketball court at the Center for the purpose of hosting an island-wide basketball tournament in February 2017 when the Link Year team returns. Part of this upgrade will include new basketball goals and outdoor lighting donated by Link Year – a most generous donation to say the least. The ministry opportunities this will create are endless as there will be literally hundreds of islanders come to our facility leading up to and during this tournament. Please pray that we make the most of these ministry opportunities as we share the love of Christ with those that come our way.


CMA Launches Training Ministry in Abaco

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CMA Launches Training Ministry in Abaco

Training Ministry Launched in Abaco

studentsAfter praying for many years to an open door, CMA officially launched Bible training in Abaco on January 25, 2016! The first course, Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation, was completed by a group of 8 students who represent 3 different churches in Abaco. The students were greatly challenged by the equipping opportunity and are eager to continue the Bible training process with CMA. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Several more courses are scheduled for the remainder of the year with the hope of completing the 10 course Bible study curriculum in 2017. We are also exploring the possibility of starting another class in North Abaco. The pastors in North Abaco are excited about the training that CMA offers and seem confident that there are enough potential students to begin another class in the North.

eddieteachingBill and Joy Luttrell, CMA’s missionaries in Abaco, are amazed at the way God has orchestrated everything in Abaco to allow them to see this ministry kicked-off so soon after their arrival in Abaco in September 2015. As only He can do, God put together this first class in just a few short months and has blessed the Luttrell’s with a warm welcome by the people of Abaco.

Please pray that God will provide for the continuing work of CMA in Abaco and for clarity about providing training in other parts of the island.

CMA’s first graduation in Cuba

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CMA’s first graduation in Cuba

CMA’s first graduation in Cuba
First phase of training is completed
In June 2014, we launched our very first training classes in Havana. I am happy to report that less than one year later, of the 41 pastors and leaders which participated, 24 successfully completed CMA’s youth leader training and have graduated. Amazingly, they completed the eight classes that normally take 2 years to complete, in less than a year. These students come from many churches and seminaries, representing four strategic cities and five different mainline denominations that cover the island. What a joy it has been to journey with them over the past year, seeing them joyfully embrace the courses that have equipped and challenged them to reach the least, the last and the lost in their cities and communities.

Carl and Kathy Most, CMA’s missionaries in Nicaragua have connected the two countries together by involving trained Nicaraguan leaders in the training process in Cuba. Get this: Nicaraguans training Cubans! It is amazing how God brought two countries together. The Nicaraguan leaders not only assisted with the teaching, they were able to share their “story” of God’s grace in their lives and ministries as a vivid example of what God is doing in Nicaragua.

The purpose of our first phase of training was to train the trainers. Many of the graduates are already reproducing what they have learned by teaching the material to the leaders in their churches.

Please continue to pray with us that God will give clarity and direction as we begin the next phase of training in 2016. We fully believe that this is only the beginning of many years of fruitful ministry on the island.

Dream Becomes a Reality

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Dream Becomes a Reality

As I sat in the pew of the Haitian church in Gregorytown, Eleuthera, watching the 12 Haitian men listen intently to Brad Fox as he taught them how to study the Bible for themselves, I couldn’t help but think back to our time in Eleuthera ten years ago when we only dreamed of making training available to the Haitian pastors and leaders. These men are from Haiti. Some have been in Eleuthera for many years while others arrived more recently. Most come for the same reason – to seek a better life outside of the hardships of their homeland, Haiti.

Just last month, God gave us the incredible opportunity to equip these Haitian leaders with Bible training. With training materials in both English and French, these men are excited to have this opportunity. As I watched them eagerly listen and join in the discussion of the Bible Study Methods course, I asked myself – “What kind of journey have these men been on? How did they get here? What kind of person is willing to leave their family, their way of life, their homeland to carve out a life in Eleuthera? And…would I be willing to do the same if I were in their shoes?

I concluded that their great hunger for learning has been forged in the crucible of life. In the midst of great hardship, these are men of faith who are willing pay whatever price it costs to be equipped in God’s Word. I am thankful that God allowed me to see this dream become a reality for them. And I am humbled to call these men my friends. — Paul Voss, Executive Director

Bringing English

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Bringing English

Our recent involvement in the Haitian community has opened our eyes to many things that we were not aware of for the plight of Haitians in the Bahamas. About a month ago a large sail boat washed up on the beach not too far from our house.

Aboard were 16 Haitians who were trying to enter the Bahamas illegally, much as Hispanics in the US. The newspaper announced that 16 people were aboard and that 12 had been brought into custody. Later that week I was at the airport and the 12 Haitian illegal immigrants were brought in to be deported.  Four of the people had escaped and are at large on Eleuthera.

Haitian men leave Haiti to try to get to the Bahamas or the US because they are seeking jobs and a better income for their family. They often leave their wives and children behind in hopes of reuniting at a later time, which often does not happen.

English classes are not offered to help these immigrants adjust to life in the Bahamas.

The workers who are here legally are often contract laborers. Recently a number of these contract laborers were relocated by the land owners to the Blackwood community, where we are teaching English as a second language (ESL). English classes are not offered to help these immigrants adjust to life in the Bahamas. In one week the number of students in our English class went from 30 to 70! As a direct result of this ministry, many Haitian church leaders have show interest in obtaining bible training at the training center.

We continue to try to meet the needs of these 70 students. We are in need of reproducible curriculum, reading glasses and ink cartridges. If you are interested in contributing please conact Shannan via email at

Love Your Enemies

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Love Your Enemies

Love your enemies? You’re kidding, right?!

Some would dare to admit that they have a few enemies in life. Very few have taken the opportunity to truly love their enemies. It is a rare thing nowadays to see examples of this standard set forth by Christ.

I was given the chance to see this type of love recently through Nixon, a young ex-gang member who now loves the Lord with passion. Talk about love in action. He’s pictured here with Emilio, who was among a group of machete-wielding men who attacked Nixon one night and left him for dead on the street.

Nixon’s life was saved—but only after his leg was amputated. Two years later, Emilio attended the church where Nixon now serves as a Youth Pastor and accepted the Lord as His Savior. This was in part due to Nixon’s love and forgiveness for his “enemies.”

Just the other week Nixon and his wife were invited over to Emilio’s house to have dinner with Emilio and his wife and begin to build and share in their new relationship in Jesus.

The gospel has power, friends—incredible, restoring power.